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BTBfin KÄNNIRÄNNI gravel 10km Finland, ASSETTO CORSA

BTBfin JP-SS34 KÄNNIRÄNNI 10km gravel stage to

 Time is come to release BTBfin team first real gravel rally stage for Assetto Corsa. This is v0.98 and it's not 100% ready yet. Version 1.0 will contain many modifications to many areas, so stay tuned in coming months.

If stage feels too slippery, enable ABS and maybe even TCS in game. Before anybody complain, slowdown on first 50-100 meters before stage start line is in purpose made. You just can't drive on full speed through start line in real life.. ;)All credits can be found from Readme file, included to package.

Stage works on:
Practice, Hotlap and Quickrace modes (5 pitboxes), maybe even Multiplayer works, not tested.
Installation: Copy btbfin_kanniranni folder to your ...assettocorsa/content/tracks folder.

Released by - TTM -


BTBfin Känniränni releases pictures at tumblr


Michele Mouton Calls Help In Team Radio, car is on fire. Hannu Mikkola answers legendary way

“Reminded of the time she took Mikkola’s advice and drove her car into a lake when it caught fire in the 1983 the 1000 Lakes Rally Finland round of the series, Mouton smiles and then laughs. "Hannu loves to tell that story and yes, it is true.”

BTBfin: RBRfin Rally Events Facebook Site
BTBfin RBRfin SSTF Official

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