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BTBfin: 014/SS01 SAUNALAKE STAGE DELTA 072 (WIP) by nokanmov

SAUNALAKE STAGE DELTA 072 (WIP) by nokanmov from SSTF


Castrol Rally Tampere SS3 / SS7


Re-Distributor by Savo Stage Team Finland = SSTF


Savo Stage Team Finland

Do you want to help?
If you discover any bugs or issues with this track please use the forums.
If you are intrested in helping us improve this stage or projects at all we are more than happy to hear you out.
In this case please contact us by email.

What are we intrested in?
Quality of work is #1. If you have to offer your own textures or
objects you may suggest replacement or addition of your work.
If the work is good and we have the need we might use your assets.

And Thanks to all who have given us the textures and objekts for our projects.
Special Thanks for SSTF and Jukka Gee bacause of their Xpacks.
And many others who not mention at this ReadMe file, all RBR mod peoples.
And special Thanks to Piddy aka Brendon and BobsTrackBuilder!


Savo Stage Team Finland Offical (BTB, RBR) Facebook site: (miumau)


Savo Stage Team Finland


COPY THIS FILES IN RBR INSTALL FOLDER.7z. Copy tracks in path: C:\Richard Burns Rally\RX_CONTENT\Tracks\

Example, where to put SS13 folder. C:\Richard Burns Rally\RX_CONTENT\Tracks\SS13 Pohjanmaan Ralli EK1

You need to find Tracks folder\ example: SS13 Pohjanmaan Ralli folder and \ in that folde this form of files:

BRNO Racing Team 2011 "WRC is for boys.....Group B was for men." (Juha Kankkunen)
Historic Extreme RBR Fan Club FB site:

Banán Michal Slaný Texture Edit puplished with Savo Stage Team Finland sites

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